Sunday, February 8, 2009

In My Thoughts

I don't know what the weather is where you are but outside of my house it is absolutely beautiful. There has not been such a lovely day that I have noticed in sometime. I want to run out and soak in the beautiful rays on such a day.

In Second Life the days are always beautiful, unless you desire something else. I once saw an avatar followed by a storm cloud. How odd, I thought to myself, that someone would want a storm cloud to follow them. In any case I am all for, do what makes you happy. If storm clouds make you happy then by all means create one because you can do that in second life.

I went to an art gallery today. I have been wanting to go to art museums in second life and just never made it as of yet. I was doing a search for something and this art place came up. I actually zipped over last night but it took so long to rezz that I just waited until today to visit.

What a lovely place it is. Not only do they have wonderful modern art pieces, they also sell bean bags. I hadn't seen those in years! I enjoyed looking at the modern art and the Asian inspired pieces of art too. I stayed for a long time and just pondered. It was positive pondering for me today.

Enjoy Life!


Yesterday was a terrific day. I was able to write and continue my line of short stories. It's been a slow process at times but I appreciate not being under the pressure to spit out a story under some timeline. I write a little and sleep a little. It's the best combination for my weekends.
During my time in Second Life yesterday I came upon the avatar you see above. Striking was all I could think. There have been many avatars that I thought were striking. From the skin and shape of an avatar to the clothing the avatar chooses for themselves. I thought he was well put together. I asked if I could take a picture because I wanted to put the picture on my blog so you can see what I saw. When it was time to part ways, I said, "Peace". He replied, "Peace my sister".
That's what we all need..... Peace.
Enjoy Life!