Monday, February 20, 2012

A Comforting Song

I love this song, "Mother in the Dream" and this little boy does a wonderful job singing it. When I first heard this song I did not understand the words he was singing but I could feel what he was singing. Sounds strange? Yeah, I would agree but it's the truth. To me the song is touching and somehow comforting.
Later I found the English translation. Indeed the words were touching and comforting.
The little boy singing is an eleven year old orphan. He says that he sings this song when he misses his mother. I think the songs gives him comfort too.
It's interesting how a song with words I don't understand can touch and comfort me. This song helps me....
Enjoy Life!

"In the stillness among the vast lands
I dream of Mother praying for me
She looks afar and gives precious milk to the heavens
As offering for my well being
My Mother, so far away
So far away
Stars twinkle above the grasslands
While in my dreams I see Mother's caring face
As she prays to heavens to wish me godspeed
My Mother, so far away
So far away
In my dream is see Home basking in golden sunbeam
While Mother softly sings and enchantling melody
There in the grasslands lies my everlasting home
My dearest Mother, wait for my return"