Friday, June 25, 2010

Let us play

It is so hot that it makes me wonder what July and August will bring. Interesting to note that even with it being so hot, we have not broken any records with the heat. It just makes me think. Years and years ago people dealt with the heat and they dealt with the heat without air conditioning. Indeed it may be hot but we really still have it much better than those that came before us.
I am still creating in my digital journal. Above is a result of my playing. I hope you enjoy it. I love creating, composing, and just being free to dream. In the online game of Second Life I have that freedom to dream. I enjoy my time there with friends that love to dream and create as much as me.
If you get the opportunity to enter that world, I would only suggest that you visit creators like Julia Hathor who are fabulous and honest creators. Just a walk around the sims will speak volumes about creative talent.
Go and you will....

Enjoy Life!