Saturday, July 21, 2012

Can you Sing the Colors of my Love

OMG! This has really been a lovely summer. I have been so blessed with good things. I take nothing for granted.
I will share with you one of my favorite places in South Carolina. It is called, Brooke Green Gardens. It is a remarkable place with amazing sculptures and gardens.
In the online game of Second Life, there is a designer, Julia Hathor, who creates the most amazing pieces of art.
The gardens at Brooke Green and Julia Hathors virtual art sims in the online game of Second Life remind me of how beautiful life really is.
I am not doing a good job of explaining but maybe this song I wrote and some of the pictures in the above video might help.
If you ever get a chance to visit Julia Hathor in the online game of Second Life or to see the gardens at Brooke Green, go quiclky. Be assured you will.....

Enjoy Life!