Friday, May 1, 2009

Victorian Viv

My Loft.... and Friday!

The Mary Tyler Moore Show had a huge effect on me growing up. I couldn't wait to get an apartment. My first loft was in Richmond, Virginia. I LOVED it! I was a full time performer and while I was mostly out of my loft, traveling from show to show, I enjoyed coming home. My loft had big floor to ceiling windows and a great view of the city. I even had my initials on the wall like Mary. Great fun that was.

Ahhh! Is there anything as sweet as the sound of Friday? Today, the word Friday means, a time to relax and regroup. This week has been a very busy one and much has been accomplished. I think we all need time to charge our batteries. That is what I will do. I call it "downtime" and the living is easy. Find what makes you feel relaxed and do that, and only that.

My dear friend told me about "downtime" when I was in college. Loosely defined, "downtime" is a certain time of day when you just don't think about anything. This did not come easy for initially but soon I began to get the hang of it and it has proven to be very helpful.
During college I would find my "downtime" and afterwards, I would get back to work. As, an adult my "downtime" has grown to longer periods, largely because I there is more I am responsible for now. I don't feel guilty about taking my time because I know the positive results it brings about. Try it for yourself. Maybe it will work for you too.

Important to note that you set your "downtime" and during that time you are not to be disturbed AT ALL. It is then up to you to think of nothing. So, go do nothing and....

Enjoy Life!