Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mouse World

I can't believe where I went today. It was the next best thing to being there. I went to the Second Life version of Disney World. It is called Mouse World. I didn't get to everything but I can't wait to go back and see more.
I entered Mouse World and landed next to the Monorails. I walked a little ways and received my Mickey Ears at the City Hall. I continued walking down the the city street filled with festive shops and I got a bunch of balloons.
Then what did my wondering eyes see? Yes, it was their version of Magic Kingdom. I couldn't believe it. It was lovely and as magical in Second Life as it is in Real Life.
I went to Disney World in Real Life many years ago and stayed for a week. We were meant to visit all of the parks but on my insistence we explored Magic Kingdom everyday that week. I still don't think we saw everything.
Mouse World has their version of The Carousel of Progress. I really enjoyed seeing that again. The production has been running for many years now.
Well, that was all I saw today but I hope to go back to Mouse World and see more soon. I hear the Haunted Mansion is a must see. I must say to all who were involved in creating Mouse World, thank you! I'm glad I went to that happy place.

Enjoy Life!

The Sewing Table

I LOVE the sewing table I purchased yesterday. It is all of that and a slice of cake. I really am enjoying the way it looks. I know it may not "go" with my studio but I enjoy playing on it. The sewing machine has an animation and it has sound. It is so cute the way one foot moves like it is pushing the pedal, the other leg is moving too and the arms and hands are pushing the material through. My body really does move like that when I sew. I thought there was a great deal of work put into that animation. Bree Giffen did a fabulous job on this creative sewing set.