Thursday, June 30, 2011


It is hot!
Yes, I had to cut off my hair. It was a bit too wooly for me and my certain age.
I am much cooler with it this way. My daughter says I look like a man. That was not good to hear but with a bit of luck maybe my lovely locks will grow back.
Today, I'm going to the flea market, thirft stores and antique stores.
It's early morning here and I am full of hope that I will find some wonderful treasures. Wish me luck and my wish for you is that you....

Enjoy Life!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Down By The Lake

Yes, I'm back at the lake!
What a wonderful feeling to be around those I have not seen in a while and to renew old friendships. It's been great catching up with friends.
I have a new grill. It has been great cooking and creating with my new grill. I will continue my series of Cooking with Cast Iron in the videos to come.
Last night I went to see a great comedy. It was done in a little theatre that made me smile. There were about 50 seats in the whole theatre. A great theatre space created by people who really love theatre and want to see good theatre produced.
It was just something that made me....

Enjoy Life!