Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pictures of my Baby Doll Adventure

Baby Doll Viv with Friends.

Baby Doll Viv on the Beach

Baby Doll Viv relaxing in your heart. Awwwww.

I love these trunks! These are baby doll trunks. Sweet.


For the baby doll in all of us

Okay, if this was not an adventure I simply don't know what one is. Today, I took a class in the online game of Second Life. The class taught me how to use the software qavimator. Well, actually, I knew how to use it before but the class taught me how to use it correctly. It was a GREAT class. We not only created animations but we learned how to put them in scripts. It was really wonderful. I still can't believe how much I have learned in Second Life for FREE.

Anyway, after learning how to make animations and scripts for eating doughnuts, I just had to go to the place that gave us the doughnuts. The place ended up being for little people called, Tiny people. You had to be tiny to fit into the shops. A few friends caught up with me and they taught me how to become a Baby doll. Now that too was a new adventure. We ended up going all over because I wanted to be a cute baby doll with cute clothes Any excuse to shop will do.

There are so many shops with really wonderful baby doll clothes. I really had a grand time playing dress up. It was like dressing up a baby doll. To be honest with you I never really played dress up as a child. I found nothing wrong with taking the baby doll to the baby sitter and they did that sort of thing. I was a child that like to play, go to work!

Enjoy Life!