Monday, June 15, 2009


Meet Molly. She is a beautiful dog and is as sweet as any doggy I've met. Molly is not my dog but I do get to visit her often. Love ya Molly!

Enjoy Life!

My Afternoon

I had the most wonderful weekend. A dear friend came to visit me and we had a grand time. From catching up to telling about our newest adventures, I really enjoyed the time spent.
During the visit a neighbor of mine took us around town. I took the above picture there. It was a beautiful and peaceful place. Others thought so too as we heard voices lifted in song nearby. It was truly a wonderful afternoon.
My friend was amazed when I showed her Second Life. I agree, all the possibilities available to artists and designers are amazing.
It is my hope to continue learning more in the online game of Second Life and writing about my adventures there.
We also created notecards. To thank my neighbor for taking us around, we created the above notecard. You won't believe this but it really did take us two hours to create that notecard. I hope she likes the card. We put a great deal of love into it. We had a ball creating it and I do want to create more notecards and greeting cards but I am still working on, The Adventures of Viv Writer.
A word or two about my book. It is coming along very well. Most people hate editors and making changes to their work but I embrace it. I love feedback and because I can take direction well, I love making changes so that the book is better.

Enjoy Life!