Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Reading

Today I am sitting around reading. I love to read. I don't always get the opportunity to read things I like. I am often times asked to read this or that but today I am reading what I want.
I love books and it's hard for me to put it down if it's a mystery. I crave magazines. It's wonderful to catch up with what's going on in places I've never seen or been to. It makes me feel like I'm in touch somehow.
I don't care much for newspapers. Often times they are not organized well enough for me. I don't like when the newspaper article starts on page 2b and continues somewhere else in the paper and you have to go look for it. You have to pass articles you haven't read yet, which I always have to stop and take a look at. Then I forget about the article I started on page 2b! That is just a pet peeve of mine.
Today I'm enjoying craft magazines. They cost more than what I would like to spend on a magazine. I mean, it's a magazine not a collectible. The ones I enjoy are jam packed with "how to's" and great informative articles.
Well, my tea is ready so I'm off to enjoy my reading time. Go grab a book and...

Enjoy Life!