Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letterhead for Nana's Noshes

In our last InDesign class we learned how to make a letterhead for our company. This is what I came up with. Hey! It's just lesson two. I had fun and I'm still waiting for the lessons that will have some impact on what I want to use it for. I feel like I'm taking the scenic route to get there.

Pound Cake

I had one of the best pound cakes last night. I had fruit too so it would be a healthy treat.
Anyway, it was a wonderful treat. It was also inspirational as I am still working with Nana's Noshes.
In the online game of Second Life I have not been able to create a beautiful looking pound cake yet but maybe my luck will change. If you know of one, please let me know,

Enjoy Life

Information Overload!

Wow, this has been a day! You know, someone once told me, "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it". Well, I got it and maybe I asked for too much.
I had my online classes today and then found out I have another class to add to it. I think I'm gonna have to clear off some room on this plate I am creating because I think I've taken on more than I can devour. I've gotta do something but for now I'm going to enjoy the wave of information coming at me at lightening speed. While it's overwhelming, I gotta say it's exciting.
I did get my new Mac today. I'm excited but once again more new information that I have got to learn quickly. No time to sight see.