Friday, January 2, 2009


Today in Second Life was a blast! I am doing so much. First, I began the day with a class in sculpty painting.

While I enjoyed the class because it was very informative, I think the class was very misleading. I mean, the name of the class is Sculpty Painting. We never did any painting. When I mentioned it, the teacher told me, "That's tommorow's class". She continued to explain. "Today we are just sculpting". I got satisfied with that explanation and moved on. I didn't have a choice, did I?

Next, I played with Gimp. With the Gimp software, which is free by the way, I began to make clothes. I made a pair of pajamas earlier this week but the seams gave me trouble. I even had another avatar try them on, thank you friend, and still the seams were showing. I am proud to say that I played with the software enough that I fixed the problem. I must say the whole thing is time consuming and at times frustrating.

I went to another class. The class was suppose to teach you how to make prim skits. I had a hard time there largely because things didn't rezz fast enough. I kept getting in everyones way. One avatar, I could not even see, said to move. I thought that was funny but I moved. Finally things rezzed and I saw a place to sit but of course by then the class was well into the project and I was too far behind to even think about participating.

Back I went to my home sim. Well, it's not actually my sim but I am allowed to be there and I love to be there. It does feel like home.

Dreaming of my next project, I thought I might go and listen to a scary story before bedtime. There is a Stephen King story being performed in seven episodes. I really enjoy the theatre of the mind. Things got scary real quick to. Mr. King is a great writer but maybe a bit too much for me.

Well, that was my adventure for today. I talked with a few avatars and all were very nice. It is rare for me to meet a mean avatar.

Today was a good day.

Enjoy Life!

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