Friday, January 16, 2009

This Week ends...

What a week this has been. What a great mood I'm in. And nothing compares to love. I believe we all witnessed a miracle! An airplane going down and people are living. How absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Today I wanted to write. I was in a great mood to do it too and all I could think about was the miracle. It just restores so much in me. No, I still don't like to fly! When I saw everything that happened I just sobbed for hours thinking about what could have happened.

When I have gotten on a flight and they made those safety announcements, I'll admit to sometimes feeling like emergency procedures are something you do before you die from the crash but this situation proved me wrong. Someone said it was a textbook definition of "emergency exit".
The pictures told the fearless story of what people will do for others when they are in trouble and need help. People rallied and in a relatively short period of time everyone was safe and warm. Many blessing to those who care about others unconditionally.

I continue to write my short stories in, The Adventures of Viv Writer, and I have to admit the love I feel for the ones I don't even know have fueled my engines.

Enjoy Life!
P.S. The items in the picture were made by Julia Hathor, and Cocoanut Koala.

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