Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, real life responsibilities kept me from doing my blog thing. Real life and laziness too. I've been feeling rather sluggish. I don't need an excuse to be lazy, it's one of my unique qualities that I admit to. Even though I love blogging, I enjoy thinking about what to say and share too.

Recently, I've been doing a great deal of sketching. They are not good but I suppose everybody had to start somewhere. Next, I began to use color pencils and things began to look up. They still are not the best but I really enjoyed creating them.

My many trips to other blogs have really validated me. I feel like it's alright to be creative at any age. That fact is what I probably appreciate about second life. The people in second life are grown ups and they still love to create as I do. Creating and finding joy in creating new things is not just for any particular age group.

I'll admit to feeling guilty for wanting to create. I felt like I am suppose to be a grown up now and that part of my life is suppose to be over. I don't know where that rule came from, as no one actually told me, but rather it was a feeling that I either created or was implied in some way.

Anyway, most days I feel good about the possibilities. What will I do? What will I create? I can't tell you how good that feels to be able to have that opportunity. I hope others never take that for granted but rather celebrate it all of their days.

Enjoy Life!

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