Monday, September 14, 2009

So Good To Me...

Feels so good to be me today. The more things change the more they seem the same. That's not an original statement but true for me today. I had to get new glasses. The style of them remind me of my mothers glasses from days of old.
I'm at that age, I suppose, when I need to pay more attention to my eye sight. Actually, you should pay attention to your eyesight at every age. I didn't want to go to the eye doctor because I knew my sight had changed. It wasn't the worse thing in the world. Indeed, I left the office with a new pair of glasses and I see better than ever. That feels GREAT!! I kept singing, "A Whole New World". It really is. I can see so much more now.
It's a good thing to get your eyes checked every two years. It's amazing how much your vision can change in rather a short period of time. I was also told to get my young daughters eyes checked yearly. That was done too.
It feels good to get caught up. I suppose I can check that off my list, move on to...

Enjoy Life!

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