Saturday, November 13, 2010

It must have been

Let's kick off the season with a wonderful song I enjoy hearing every year.

I went to visit my dear friend, Julia Hathor. Her winter, holiday sim is the very best EVER! I feel wonderful that I have been able to enjoy her work for the past couple of years. I am always happy to visit her sims but the winter sim really trips my trigger. She has the best skating. I feel like a world class skater, well, in the online game of Second Life. I can dream can't I?

Anyway, I have said time and again what a talented artist Julia Hathor is. She has never failed to bring such wonderful design and artistry to all of us who visit her sims.

You are the best Julia, hands down!

Go visit and you too will....

Enjoy Life!


Anonymous said...

Just wonderful - very interesting thoughts

Viv Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment. Take care.