Friday, January 14, 2011

No Plans

What a wonderful day it was. To begin with, I got to sleep in. That is always a plus for me as I am a late riser. It's Friday, and, well, that's all I need to make a day great anyway.
I did a little scrapbooking shopping and just browsed through all the wonderful creative toys and tools available.
Dinner was delicious and simple thanks to my dear husband.
I continued my evening of bliss in the online game of Second Life where I enjoyed writing and watching my view of the beach from my office window.
My little shop got an update recently and one of the changes was a big window which looks out over the beach. I simply love it. I moved my desk closer to the window and I'm all set.
It is a virtual world and while many don't understand it nor will they ever try to understand it, I have difficulty explaining why such virtual, visual beauty, makes me smile. It does just that and I am happy to have such an inspiration.
I'm off to enjoy my weekend. I don't have any plans and I believe that is the best plan for a great weekend. I hope you go enjoy your weekend and ....

Enjoy Life!

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