Wednesday, May 30, 2012

soap pops

OMG! I had the best time creating these soapsicles or soap pops.
They look good enough to eat but please don't, because it's SOAP!
I did enjoy creating them but what is wonderful to me is the fact that my family can use them. I can control what goes into these lovely bars of soap. I don't always want a fragrance. Sometimes I wear scented lotion or perfume and on those rare occasions a scented soap, lotion, and perfume altogether can be more than one nose can handle. Can you say scent overload?
Anyway, I never tried goat's milk soap. I am glad to try it. I also love Shea soap. I hope to pick up some olive oil soap tomorrow.
These lovely jumbly bars of soaps will be available in my etsy shop soon so if you are interested in them please click over and buy a few.
On a different note, I continue to count down the days to summer break. We are going through finals week at school and I am very excited for many reasons.
Under different circumstances, giving soap to someone might suggest to some that maybe they need to take a bath but when you get a soapsicle it just seems to say, "What fun?"
Soapsicles.... they are so much fun and they help me....

Enjoy Life!!

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