Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Vineyardsl

I love the vineyards in my area. I love to drive by them but I really love to go in and walk through them. In August and September I pick grapes and have a lovely time doing so.
Yesterday a beautiful couple had their wedding at the wine vineyard nearby. They spent their first night of marital bliss in one of the romantic cottages designed for newlyweds.
While there are no grapes to be picked right now, it is still a lovely sight to see and a beautiful place to wander around. I sat in the vineyard today with a glass of grape slushie and was delighted by everything I saw. The promise of a bountiful Fall is on its way! What a lovely thought.
When I came home I wondered if Second Life had any vineyards. So I did a search and I haven't come up with any thus far but I asked a few friends about it.
I did find Tin Teddy Garden Centre. They sell wonderful objects so you can make your own grape vineyard. That was fun. Maybe I'll find some vineyards on my travels. If I do, I will post a few pictures.

Enjoy Life!

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